2020 - PhD POSITION - CEMEF (MINES ParisTech Sophia Antipolis) - France - Minds_projects

Title: Physics-Informed Machine Learning in the context of seismic imaging

Keywords: Machine learning, Physics-informed Machine Learning (PINN), deep neural networks, seismic imaging, wave propagation

The candidate should have a strong background in maths and physics. He/she should have a clear interest for Machine Learning and for geophysical applications, in particular in the context of seismic imaging. He/she should have a strong experience in scientific programming. It is appreciated if he/she also has some knowledge on high performance computing (HPC). It is essential to be fluent in English speaking and writing.

Find all the details and the online application on the Cemef website: https://www.cemef.mines-paristech.fr/offre-sujets-these/

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