2021 - PhD POSITION - CEMEF (MINES ParisTech Sophia Antipolis) - France - 3D-AER-HYAL

Financed by the French National Agency for Research (ANR)

Location: MINES ParisTech, Center for Materials Forming (CEMEF)Sophia Antipolis, France

Title: 3D printing of hyaluronic acid aerogels as on-demand removable wound dressings (3D-AER-HYAL)

Keywords: Polymers, gels, physico-chemical properties, mechanical and processing properties, encapsulation and release, 3D printing, biomaterials, wound dressings

Competences: Knowledge in materials science, polymer chemistry and physics; fluent in English, highly motivated, pro-active; MSc thesis completed

Find all the details and the online application on the Cemef website: https://www.cemef.mines-paristech.fr/offre-sujets-these/

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