Colloquium du laboratoire Dieudonné - lundi 9 septembre à 12:00

La prochaine séance du Colloquium du laboratoire Dieudonné aura lieu le lundi 9 septembre à 12:00 en salle de conférences. Elle sera suivie d'un collation. Notre conférencier sera :

Vladimir T. TIKHONCHUK (Université de Bordeaux - CNRS - CEA, Centre Laser Intenses et Applications, Bordeaux, and Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Extreme Light Infrastructure, Dolní Břežany, ČESKO, Edward Teller Award 2017,

et le titre de son exposé sera :

'Non-local transport in Laser-Fusion Plasmas and its applications. State of the Art'.

Un résumé est le suivant.

Energy transport is of great importance in the fundamental physics and for a large number of applications extending from astrophysics and cosmology to thermonuclear fusion and medicine. Treatment of the energy transport as a diffusion process is limited to dense systems and often incompatible realistic conditions of the systems of interest such as outer star plasmas, fusion plasmas or cancer treatment. However, a detailed kinetic treatment of the transport processes is impossible in view of large size and complexity of the considered systems. In my talk I will present the reduced kinetic approach based on the entropic closure of full kinetic equation and providing the possibility for sufficiently fast and accurate calculations of electron and radiation transport in solids and plasmas.

After a short recall of the diffusion approximation for the radiation and electron transport, I will consider its limits and introduce the non-local models based on simplified treatment of the collisional operator. Several examples of application of nonlocal models in fusion plasmas and their accuracy will be discussed. I will conclude with an example of a joint electron-photon transport model developed for tumor treatments in radiotherapy.

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