Postdoc offers at The Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg

The Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg is seeking postdocs in all areas of Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematical and Theoretical Physics.

Applicants should send their applications to

The applications should include:

* CV,
* List of publications (including preprints, if necessary),
* Description of research interests, ideally mentioning possible host
or other research contacts in St.Petersburg,
* Names, affiliations and contacts of 2-3 people willing to send
recommendation letters if asked by the committee,
* Any special requirements wrt the dates, etc.

Basic conditions:

* Competitive salary of 126,314 RUB per month (taxed at 13% for
residents and foreigners), this is *double the average salary* in
St. Petersburg,
* Housing allowance enough to cover all or most of the rent (*in
addition to the salary*),
* The institute partially covers travelling expenses to St. Petersburg
of up to 300 Euro for the postdocs from Europe and up to 600 Euro
for the postdocs outside Europe,
* The institute has some funds for covering participation in
conferences that cannot be covered from other sources,
* 1 or 2 years extendable for another year,
* Small teaching load,
* Flexibility with respect to the starting date, length, specific
calendar requirements (such as a leave in the middle),

The preference is given to applications completed before November 30, 2020. Preferable starting date is September 1, 2021.