School in Astrostatistics 2013

The School in Astrostatistics 2013: regression in astrophysics, methods and applications will tabke place in Annecy, 21-25 Octobre 2013. The primary goal of the École d'Astrostatistique is to train astronomers to the use of modern statistical techniques. It also aims at bridging the gap between the two communities by emphasizing on the practice in common, to give firm grounds to the theoretical lessons, and to initiate works on problems brought by the participants. We aim at encouraging collaborations through a better reciprocal knowledge of the two communities having different culture and jargon.

Registration is now opened. This school is a École Thématique du CNRS 2013 supported by INSU. The participation of CNRS personnel is thus free. For non-CNRS personnel, a fee of 500 euros (organization and full board) is requested. The number of participants is limited to 36.