Thèse financée : étude expérimentale de la synchronisation entre horloge circadienne et métabolisme (Lille)

Doctoral grant (funded by I-SITE ULNE) : Synchronization of the mammalian circadian clock with metabolism: biophotonic approaches coupled with mathematical modeling
The team of Marc Lefranc at PhLAM develops data-driven mathematical models to describe the dynamics of the circadian clock, which synchronizes to the day/night cycle and orchestrates many biological functions. The team of Laurent Héliot at PhLAM has leading expertise in tracking the dynamics of molecules and their interactions using real-time biophotonic approaches in living cells.
The contract is for 3 years. Funding is already secured from the University of Lille Nord Europe ISITE project. Candidates should send as soon as possible a cover letter stating their motivations and curriculum vitae to Marc Lefranc (

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