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Postdoc offers at The Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg

The Euler International Mathematical Institute in St. Petersburg is seeking postdocs in all areas of Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematical and Theoretical Physics.

Applicants should send their applications to

The applications should include:

* CV,
* List of publications (including preprints, if necessary),
* Description of research interests, ideally mentioning possible host
or other research contacts in St.Petersburg,
* Names, affiliations and contacts of 2-3 people willing to send
recommendation letters if asked by the committee,
* Any special requirements wrt the dates, etc.

Basic conditions:

* Competitive salary of 126,314 RUB per month (taxed at 13% for
residents and foreigners), this is *double the average salary* in
St. Petersburg,
* Housing allowance enough to cover all or most of the rent (*in
addition to the salary*),
* The institute partially covers travelling expenses to St. Petersburg
of up to 300 Euro for the postdocs from Europe and up to 600 Euro
for the postdocs outside Europe,
* The institute has some funds for covering participation in
conferences that cannot be covered from other sources,
* 1 or 2 years extendable for another year,
* Small teaching load,
* Flexibility with respect to the starting date, length, specific
calendar requirements (such as a leave in the middle),

The preference is given to applications completed before November 30, 2020. Preferable starting date is September 1, 2021.

Post-doc sur l'imagerie de phase au SPPIN, Paris

Postdoc offer: Development of a compressed wavefront sensor with a thin scattering Hartmann-mask.

15-month postdoc position (renewable 15 months) starting on January 2021, funded by the french national agency (ANR) for developing a compressed wavefront sensor.

Research works will mostly take place at SPPIN laboratory, in the heart of Paris.

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Post-doc Announcement on quantum communication with satellites, RRI, Bangalore, Bangalore

Applications are invited from individuals for a *senior postdoctoral position at the Quantum Information and Computing (QuIC) lab, Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore, India for a period of one year, with a possible extension up to four years or coterminous with the project (whichever is earlier). *

The QuIC lab of RRI is working on a mega project on Quantum Experiments with Satellite Technology (QuEST) in collaboration with the UR Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) []. The project is aimed at developing quantum communications technologies using satellites. Through this project, RRI with support from the URSC will develop new tools in quantum key distribution which will also involve satellite based technologies.

The selected candidate under this announcement will avail a unique opportunity to participate in this internationally competitive effort towards quantum communications experiments in the free space domain, some involving communication via dedicated satellites, as well as international linkages.

The job advertisement:
There is a corrigendum ( which shows the extended date for application receipt.

Postdoc offer, ENS-Lyon, France: Theory of quantum correlations in AMO quantum simulators

The postdoctoral candidate should have a solid background in quantum mechanics; and working experience either with numerical simulations of quantum many-body systems; or with quantum information at the interface with quantum many-body physics (ideally with both).

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Postdoc offer, "Relativistic Quantum Metrology", University Tübingen, Germany

The position will be offered for 30 months and will have as topic theoretical investigations in relativistic quantum metrology, in the framework of an DFG-funded project “Towards local measurements of space-time geometries with optical clocks”.

Details below:

Postdoc offer, Superconducting circuits, CQT, Singapore

- Solid foundation of quantum mechanics and condensed matter physics
- Strong Ph.D track record in experimental physics, electrical/RF engineering.
- Motivated to tackle challenging problems and take up leadership responsibilities
- Good command of English and communication skills

Details below:

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Postdoc on "Sensing of Neuronal Activity with NV Centers", EPLF, Switzerland

Please find in attachment an offer for a *Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 years) on "Sensing of Neuronal Activity with NV Centers”, available at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Open positions at Quandela - Optical quantum computing / Quantum devices

Please find below *two engineer position offers available at Quandela, spin-off from the C2N-CNRS, Palaiseau, France.*
The positions concern Optical quantum computing and Quantum devices.

A two-year postdoctoral position in active matter at Imperial College London

A two-year postdoctoral position will be available in Jamming and Glassy Behaviour in Active Matter in the teams of Dr Chiu Fan Lee and Dr Thibault Bertrand at Imperial College London. The position is funded by a Leverhulme Trust research grant and the successful candidate will be expected to start no later than April 2020.

Active jamming refers to the liquid-to-solid transition of systems consisting of self-propelled particles, in which the solid phase remains amorphous with an isostatic contact network. Active jamming has been argued to be relevant to diverse processes in living and non-equilibrium synthetic systems. However, while jamming in passive systems is a well-established phenomenon, it remains unclear whether active jamming can even occur. In this project, we aim to settle the question of its existence, and through the process elucidate the behaviour of an active system close to the known passive jammed state. We will achieve these aims using a two-pronged approach that involves both direct simulation methods, and analytical scaling analyses.

We seek a highly motivated applicant who has obtained, or is about to obtain, a Ph.D. in physics, biophysics, or a closely related discipline. Research experience in active matter, glassy physics, and jamming is highly valued, although not required. The successful applicant will perform numerical simulations and analytical calculations in collaboration with Dr Chiu Fan Lee (Department of Bioengineering) and Dr Thibault Bertrand (Department of Mathematics), and will have opportunities to engage with the Imperial College Network of Excellence: Physics of Life ( and the Mathematical Physics group ( The position will be based in the Department of Bioengineering.

The duration of the postdoctoral appointment is two years. Further particulars will be available soon, and we anticipate that the deadline for applications will be at the end of January. Please check, the Imperial College jobs website or the PIs respective webpages in the next few weeks. Informal enquiries are encouraged at any time and should be sent to Dr Chiu Fan Lee ( or Dr Thibault Bertrand (

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