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A two-year postdoctoral position in active matter at Imperial College London

A two-year postdoctoral position will be available in Jamming and Glassy Behaviour in Active Matter in the teams of Dr Chiu Fan Lee and Dr Thibault Bertrand at Imperial College London. The position is funded by a Leverhulme Trust research grant and the successful candidate will be expected to start no later than April 2020.

Active jamming refers to the liquid-to-solid transition of systems consisting of self-propelled particles, in which the solid phase remains amorphous with an isostatic contact network. Active jamming has been argued to be relevant to diverse processes in living and non-equilibrium synthetic systems. However, while jamming in passive systems is a well-established phenomenon, it remains unclear whether active jamming can even occur. In this project, we aim to settle the question of its existence, and through the process elucidate the behaviour of an active system close to the known passive jammed state. We will achieve these aims using a two-pronged approach that involves both direct simulation methods, and analytical scaling analyses.

We seek a highly motivated applicant who has obtained, or is about to obtain, a Ph.D. in physics, biophysics, or a closely related discipline. Research experience in active matter, glassy physics, and jamming is highly valued, although not required. The successful applicant will perform numerical simulations and analytical calculations in collaboration with Dr Chiu Fan Lee (Department of Bioengineering) and Dr Thibault Bertrand (Department of Mathematics), and will have opportunities to engage with the Imperial College Network of Excellence: Physics of Life ( and the Mathematical Physics group ( The position will be based in the Department of Bioengineering.

The duration of the postdoctoral appointment is two years. Further particulars will be available soon, and we anticipate that the deadline for applications will be at the end of January. Please check, the Imperial College jobs website or the PIs respective webpages in the next few weeks. Informal enquiries are encouraged at any time and should be sent to Dr Chiu Fan Lee ( or Dr Thibault Bertrand (

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Stage Master 2 avec possibilité de poursuivre en thèse - Chimie des Substances Naturelles Marines - Institut de Chimie de Nice

Chimie des Substances Naturelles Marines : Isolement, détermination structurale, synthèse et valorisation(Discipline : Chimie)

Stage M2 Recherche, début (prévisionnel) : Janvier/février 2020 (durée : 5 à 6 mois) + (sous réserve d’obtenir le financement de thèse)
Thèse, début (prévisionnel) : Octobre 2020 (durée : 36 mois)

Contact :
Dr. Mohamed MEHIRI
Institut de Chimie de Nice (ICN)
Equipe Molécules Bioactives // Produits Naturels Marins

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Postdoc position - Institut Fresnel, Marseille

Postdoctoral position Photoacoustic imaging of neuronal activity in mice

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Post-doc in quantum nanoelectronics theory, CEA Grenoble, France

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Post-doc position at Institut d'Optique, CNRS, Palaiseau, France

Opening of *one post-doc position (2 years) in the quantum gas group at the Institut d’Optique *in Palaiseau, in the Paris area ( ).

The research work of our team is centered on the investigation of single-atom-resolved correlations in strongly interacting quantum gases of metastable Helium. The project uses the newly built lattice gas machine which allows for the 3D detection of individual bosons when released in a time-of-flight experiment (Cayla et al., Phys Rev A 2018 ). The candidate will be invited to participate to the exploration of two topics. Building on a recent work (C. Carcy et al., arXiv 2019 ), our first line of research will focus on investigating quantum correlations in non-Gaussian many-body ground-states and in dissipative lattices. The second part of the project will be dedicated to the realization of a Fermi sea of metastable Helium-3 and the study of correlations in Bose-Fermi mixtures. This second line of research will require the building of the laser cooling setup for He3. The post-doctoral position is funded through the project QUORUM from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

The candidate should have a PhD degree in physics, a strong background in experimental atomic physics, quantum gases or condensed matter physics. The selected candidate will join the team coordinated by D. Clément and currently composed of two PhD students. Our team is part of a larger group, the Quantum Gas group at Institut d'Optique, with 6 running quantum gas experiments.

For further information, please contact:

Post-Doctoral Position Experimental Quantum Coherent Communications - Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Application deadline:
Applications will be considered upon reception, and no later than end of December 2019


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Postdoctoral position: Label-free imaging based on broadband Coherent Raman micro-spectroscopy

The Vibrational Imaging Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) is looking for a postdoctoral research associate to work on the development and application of a fast and broadband Stimulated Raman Scattering microscope, in the framework of an interdisciplinary project investigating lipid dysregulation in cancer cells.
A Ph.D. degree in engineering, physics, or a related field is required. The candidate must have hands-on experience with optical instrumentation, optical microscopes and ultrashort pulse laser sources. Proficiency using Matlab and LabVIEW is preferred. Experience in image analysis and Multivariate Analysis of spectroscopic data will be considered a plus.
For more information please visit:

Postdoc positions at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

Open calls for 6 postdoctoral in:
- Applied Statistics
- Simulation of Wave Propagation
- Metabollic Modelling
- Machine Learning Driven Atomistic Simulations for Energy & Health
- Artificial Intelligence in prediction for clinical practice
- CFD Modelling and Simulation


Open positions at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

BCAM Take a look at our latest job offers for research technicians and postdoc fellows.

Post-doc positions- Photonics- Trinity College Dublin

There are 2 Post-doctoral researcher positions available in the Donegan Photonics group in TCD. Applications are invited for post-doc positions in the Photonics group led by Professor John Donegan in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin. Successful applicants will join a vibrant community of students and postdoctoral researchers. Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin is ranked 1st in Ireland and in the top 110 world universities by the QS World University Rankings.

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