Colloquium J. Morgenstern - Alexei A. Efros - 28 novembre 2019 - 11h - Inria - Sophia Antipolis

COLLOQUIUM JACQUES MORGENSTERN - Inria, site de Sophia Antipolis
Amphithéâtre - Bâtiment Kahn

Alexei A. Efros (UC Berkeley) will talk about "Self-Supervised Visual Learning and Synthesis"

Résumé / Abstract :
Computer vision has made impressive gains through the use of deep learning models, trained with large-scale labeled data. However, labels require expertise and curation and are expensive to collect. Can one discover useful visual representations without the use of explicitly curated labels? In this talk, I will present several case studies exploring the paradigm of self-supervised learning — using raw data as its own supervision. Several ways of defining objective functions in high-dimensional spaces will be discussed, including the use of General Adversarial Networks (GANs) to learn the objective function directly from the data. Applications of self-supervised learning will be presented, including colorization, on/off-screen source separation, image forensics, paired and unpaired image-to-image translation (aka pix2pix and cycleGAN), and curiosity-based exploration.

La présentation sera faite en anglais.

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